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With the rapid development of science and society nowadays, China has been playing a more and more important role in the global economy. Shenzhen Fineio Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Fineio) was established under this social background and has been growing quickly ever since.

Fineio has earned its reputation as Shenzhen  New Hi-tech Enterprise. It was established in 2010 with 8 outstanding R&D engineer of more than 7 years leader experience in R&D field. We specialize in offering professional R&D program to satisfy spicific demand for the customers with trusted support service. We are proud to have a team of professional employees experienced in research and design and wide sales network. Our business goal is to creat the best brand with the highest reputation and influence in our field. As we continue to grow, we will try our best to keep on promoting our International competitive advantage. We will continue to make great progress in our industry and for the social development.